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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wendover Arm to Slapton

Rainbow over Bridge 3 on the Wendover Arm.

Having stayed in all day watching the rain, by 5 o'clock the clouds lifted and the sun came out.  We were  treated to this lovely rainbow.  Deciding some fresh air would do us good we ventured out for a walk around the part of canal which is under restoration.  The day before it was dry dusty and all cracked up.  Now there are large puddles and all the dust has settled.  Weather for Friday is supposed to be good.

We left by 9 o'clock Friday morning to face the Marsworth 7 locks, unfortunately on our own.  After stopping for services we joined up with a couple from Rochdale who had been cruising the Southern waterways since June.  We had a very pleasant journey through 9 more locks with them talking about paint, lack of washing machine among many other mundane topics boaters discuss.  We then passed the chalk Lion way off in the distance, a commemoration to Whipsnade Zoo.

We then stopped just before Leighton Buzzard, in more rural surroundings, for the night.  However, although they did not disturb us, the trains are the noisiest we have heard all trip - so far.

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