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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lechlade to Eynsham

We chose to make an earlier start today (Friday) and go through St. John's Lock on Self service.  I'm quite getting the hang of these locks and am certainly having fun using their specially designed poles. There is a statue of  Father Thames, which once marked the source of the Thames north of Kemble at St. John's Lock.

  The weather was perfect, warming nicely without getting to uncomfortable so we decided to have a long day (for us) cruising. We met several boats, swimmers and walkers along the way.  Such tranquil settings it will be a shame to leave it for London. 
On we went passing through all the well maintained locks once again with cheery lock keepers in attendance.  However, we didn't realise how helpful until we arrived at Pinkshill Lock. 

Lock keepers cottage at Pinkshill Lock

 Whilst waiting for the Lock to empty I enquired if the hirebase just round the corner would be open for fuel and gas.  Without further a do he dialled them up, explained we were just locking through and could we get gas & diesel tonight.  It was 5 o'clock and they were just closing but as he had phoned on our behalf they would wait 10 minutes for us to get there.  Once again cheerful & helpful service.  Now to look for a mooring where we can BBQ tonight. 

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