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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Continuing down the Thames to Chertsey.

The last 3 days have been spent on a gentle cruise down the Thames arriving last night at Chertsey.
Still we meet rivier users of all types.
Cox and 8 creating quite a wash.

This looks facinating but hard work.

Kids having fun in a Dragon Boat.

What a lot of produce but too far away to stop.

Not to mention all the launches of all shapes and sizes, plus the nearer we get to London larger pleasure boats.
We have got very used to the Locks being operated for us.  However, when we arrived at Boveney Lock the welcome committee was not what we were expecting.  Four police divers at the entrance, apparently looking for the key to the Lock operating panel.  I don't think I would like to have been the one who dropped it. Once locked through we went to use the services, whilst waiting started chatting again. 'Definitely beats an office job.' he says floating in the water. 

Talking to a Police diver.

 Suddenly the wind got up and blew the hat from the lady on the next boat to us and the sign saying Police Divers.  One of the divers immediately climbed in and rescued the hat (no problem) however the sign had gone to deep so he needed one of the others with breathing equipment to salvage it.
I must say from our experience so far, the services have been good and easy to plan along the route however moorings have been more hit and miss.  The large towns have good moorings but charge well and there is not much riverside mooring in between.  Having said this it just adds to the pleasure of cruising somewhere different. Our last part of the Thames will be to Teddington and then through Brentford Lock onto the Grand Union.  Back to do it yourself locks!!!

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