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Thursday, 18 August 2011

From the Thames onto The Grand Union Canal.

We stayed on a very pleasant mooring at Chertsey whilst pondering the next step, planning to leave the Thames and get onto the The Grand Union Canal at Brentford.  We checked the tide times and phoned Teddington Lock keeper to let him know of our intention (as all books and papers read advised this).  He was very laid back and said to go through Teddington about 1.30 to 1.40 to go down stream on the ebbing tide.  This would ensure going through the Richmond sluices rather than the lock and arriving at Brentford by 3 o'clock latest. 
Paddle Steamer on the Thames

We have seen some wonderful craft on the Thames and plenty of narrowboats. 
On arriving at Teddington we awaited 'til the allotted time to enter the tidal Thames and then cruise down through Richmond sluices.  We could see the tide had already dropped by several inches.  Then into Brentford, almost missing the turn as it angled back from downstream.  Good manouvering on Colin's part saw us safely into Thames lock.  Then the exciting operation of opening Brentford Gauging Lock and so back onto the canal system.  One lock later saw us moored up for the night by a very pretty bridge.

Gallow's Bridge Grand Union Canal.

After a pleasant evening, we made an early morning start towards the Hanwell flight.  We were surprised at how much graffiti and rubbish was around after the idyllic setting we moored in. Should we have stayed there overnight? 

Looking up the Hanwell Flight. (6 locks)

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