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We acquired our Narrowboat in January 2010 and are looking forward to many cruises around the network.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Journey up the Welford Arm

Wednesday morning was a little dull and overcast therefore no hurry to set off.  Weather cleared up by 11.30 so we chose to go off and cruise up the Welford Arm.  The actual arm was very pretty and a delight to view however we were quite disappointed with the actual Wharf.  We decided to wind at the winding hole before the wharf then moor and walk to the end. (Where there was a board with some interesting information but we did not go into the village.) This was probably the best idea as there were a number of boats moored where we would have had to try to turn round.  However, when turning the boat in the winding hole we had quite an audience and somebody's law decrees 'if it can be mucked up it will happen with an audience'. So yes Anne made quite a meal of it though, fortunately hit nothing.  Having completed our stroll we went back to the boat and made our return journey back to the main route.  Now we encountered the third tunnel of our trip 'Husband's Bosworth' and having safely navigated through we started to look for a mooring for the night. It was a much brighter evening so hopefully the weather is settled again.              Wednesday 4th August

Before setting off - Bridge 26

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