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Friday, 3 September 2010

Continuing the commentary of our Summer Cruise.

Well having started the blog while we were away everything got involved with the cruise and we decided to leave writing this until we were back home.  Although the dates will be out of sync. we will try to keep some sort of continuity by post dating each post.

We cruised until 4.30 Sunday and stopped between bridges 79 & 80 on the Oxford Canal. Good pilings therefore making easy mooring.  However next morning we realised the boat behind us had an extra tilt to the day before.  A chap on Nb Misty Blue moored up and said it needed more secure ties as it was sinking.  If it tilted too much and sank it could cause a problem across the canal.  Eventually we set off towards Braunston, which was actually much quiter than in January when we first cruised this way.  Stopped at Midland Chandlers to get replacement headlight bulb which would be needed for the tunnels.  Set off to Braunston and stopped for lunch and a walk around the marina. We had decided this was going to be a leisurely cruise but at this rate we won't get the ring completed.  Headed off for Braunston Locks which we shared with Rose hire boat 'Sunset' which made the going much easier.  Next bit of excitement was Braunston tunnel which is 1 1/4 miles long. Fortunately we only met one boat.  Finally we moored for the night just before Norton Jct at 6.00pm.  Water mucky but mooring quiet.           Monday 2nd August.

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